KLassie is a Kicker Panel Applet to allow you to display how many email messages you have waiting. It comes with to data provider plugins, one that will poll an IMAP server, one will use KIO to open a mailbox, and the other will execute an arbitrary shell command that produces a number, and display the number on the panel.

[Screen Shots] avaliable.

KLassie 1.22 Released
    mrolig - 2001-04-19 10:22   -   KLassie
A new release is out with a bug fix for POP3 support through KIO and removal of calls that caused kicker to quit. Really the KIO "bug fix" is a work around, I believe this is a bug in the pop3 slave.
Klassie 1.21 Released
    mrolig - 2001-03-09 13:56   -   KLassie
A small bugfix has been made, that fixes a problem in the IMAP provider communicating with Netscape IMAP server. The Netscap server returned the status information with quotes around the mail box name, which klassie was not expecting.
Released Version 1.2
    mrolig - 2001-02-24 19:22   -   KLassie
Version 1.2 has been released. This includes some useful new features.

1. A KIO provider has been added. This allows the use of KDE's builtin support for POP3, IMAP, NNTP, POP3s, IMAPs, and more protocolls.
Released Version 1.0
    mrolig - 2001-02-23 21:07   -   KLassie
After no bug reports from the outside world, I decided to make the 1.0 release. This includes a minor bug fix that will allow the applet to remember the provider.

  • The QT and the KDE libraries and their devel headers.
  • C++ development installed if you will build from source.
  • The KPanel or Kicker has to be started and running.


This program is released under the GPL. See the file COPYING for details of the license.

Brief History

KLassie was created to fill the need for a biff-like panel applet that could connect to IMAP servers.

The original code was half Kicker example applet and half xlassie code.

After sitting around and being useful for awhile I decided to start on a big rewrite to use the QSocket class and to spruce up the design a little.

The rewrite turned into a huge affair separating out the data provider from the display applet. These providers were made into plugins, much like the Kicker applet plugins.

Basic Use

The applet should be installed with the usual ./configure & make & make install sequence.

Then you should open up Kicker's panel/applet menu and select KLassie. The configuration dialog should come up. You can now pick either the IMAP or Shell providers.

IMAP provider:

If you have entered the connection information in the KDE module for email settings, in the control panel, the information will be copied.

You must provide the username, password and servername. The port should be a sane default, but it can be changed if your server is non-standard.

If you select the Stay Connected option, the provider will not close the connection between requests.

Shell provider:

You should enter a shell command, one example might be "echo 5". This will just display the number 5, not very interesting, but a good test. This should execute the commands with your default shell, so any constructs from that shell should work. This uses the KShellProcess class, so any behavior can be described in the KDE documentation for that class. Any text after the initial number will be displayed in a tooltip.

KIO provider:

This allows you to enter a url. The number of files in the directory will be displayed. This allows the use of any KDE kio slave. The best examples of URLs are imap://localhost/INBOX?UNSEEN and pop3://localhost/.

Once running, the provider will be polled for new counts at the frequency specified in the configuration.

Writing Plugins

You should create a class that derives from KLassieProvider.

Additionally you must create a factory function that is exposed by the shared library that you create. See the documentation in klassie.h for details. The two plugins provided can also serve as examples.

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